Celebrating 20 years of friendship and countless collaborations between Stephen Jones and John Galliano.

Between them they create millinery spectacles, making front page news with their catwalk magic and iconic silhouettes.

"What really makes Stephen's millinery so unique is his personality - his elegance and refinement. Everything he does looks simply blown together. That is really the art of millinery and he is the best at it."

"With John fashion isn't an act, it's for real. Every season is the most thrilling adventure imaginable. It works on trust; I believe in him and he believes in me. For a milliner, John is the best gig in town."


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: A snappy veiled boater in black straw with pink velvet trimming and sponge hatpin. John's confidante Amanda Grieve said to me: 'This hat is my favourite, put it on Christy Turlington and it'll make a fabulous picture!'

Autumn/Winter: A peach bloom felt cloche with diamond brooch photographed by Steven Meisel for American Vogue. Hamish Bowles wrote: 'With her moulded felt cloche shadowing an eye and pinned with a tremblant diamond cow-parsley sprig, Nadja Auermann, slinking down the stairs of a crumbling Hotel Particulier in Paris for the John Galliano show, defined the fashion moment'.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: Kate Moss, super chic in a neo-fifties cotton pique toque with duck quills in the legendary Pin-up studio show.

Autumn/Winter: In a tribute to Schiap, Annaliese wears a leopard mask fashioned from felt, leather and rhinestones.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: Amber Valetta snapped for Italian Vogue wearing an acetate butterfly from the Théâtre de Champs-Élysées ballet collection.

Autumn/Winter: A Native American Thunderbird made from lollipop sticks. In this show, hats were made from objets trouvées; broken light bulbs, matches, plastic combs...


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: Madonna in a circus girl's headdress of spangles and ostrich spines to match a celestial corset.

Autumn/Winter: My brief for this look was 'Punk Egyptian schoolgirl cocktail' - I came up with a slashed beret and safety pin veil!


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: John asked for wedding guest hats. Among the varied creations was this single swooping wing contrived from turkey, duck and goose feathers.

Autumn/Winter: Nadja Auermann in a Garboesque 'Greta' trilby for the Otto Dix Viennese show.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: This fragile headdress from wire and plaster was inspired by the heady pre-Raphaelite paintings of Alma Tadema and John Godward.

Autumn/Winter: Photographed by Herb Ritts in Death Valley and styled by Michael Roberts for the New Yorker, this fish skeleton headdress is in fact made from ostrich bone and plaited paper straws.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: Carmen Kass sulks under this macabre dolls face with needle hair do.

Autumn/Winter: From John's children's show, a lampshade hat in Home Counties chintz. Unsurprisingly the British tabloids were in a frenzy about this one!


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: A madcap moment. From the Picasso collection a peek-a-boo boater.

Autumn/Winter: A discrete (shock horror!) headband in red patent leather worn by Angela Lindvall.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: Yo! A furry Run DMC bucket hat.

Autumn/Winter: The final go ahead for these fabulous mega turbans was given only the day before the show. In the end this particular version was completed only after the show had begun!


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: Amazingly, under this Hindu goddess make-up by Pat McGrath is Somalian Alec Wek. Her brocade sari pillow hat is accented with a veil of Indian jewels.

Autumn/Winter: Mommie Dearest Stella Tennant camps it up in a Tyrolean trilby trimmed with hazelnuts.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: Psychotic cyber dolls dressed up with giant bows.

Autumn/Winter: One of my busiest shows; Inspired by Yemeni tribeswomen, each girl had a wig made from crocheted wool decorated with metallised plastic cutlery and coins, a headscarf and then a hat. This one is made Aborigine style from recycled cans.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: Love those cupid bow lips on Anna Piaggi and the pillow lip inflatable hat.

Autumn/Winter: For winter those lips are balanced by a fluffy Lartigue beret.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: These strange twins dressed in all their golden finery and bird of Paradise wings were inspired by a picture of a plump Drew Barrymore aged seven. This is from John's 'Everyone is beautiful' collection.

Autumn/Winter: The total opposite, Ansel Adams photographs, pioneers of the American west; noble beauty brought into relief with battered black felts...


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: Colour and transparency. These giant pipe cleaner hats, inspired by Warhol brushstrokes with painted crin, were the hit of the collection.

Autumn/Winter: The last show that the great Stephen Robinson worked on. Here Brassai beauty Vlada sports a crochet cloche with Yak fur trim. Exquise...


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: In Russian Vogue Sasha scowls in her Coney Island beach bomb helmet.

Autumn/Winter: Russian Vogue again, but this time the cover. A giant knitted wool and chiffon turn-of-the-century cycling cap.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: A giant bicorne in straw. Suzy Menkes said "The fantastic headgear... Stephen Jones... fantasy and artistic energy." WOW!

Autumn/Winter: For fall, Ukrainian bride Natasha Poly smoulders under her shimmering lamé toque draped with silver lace.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: The story teller in John to the fore: for spring a veiled floral brim evokes John's heady romance.

Autumn/Winter: For the winter the sumptuous splendour of a Russian tiara is teamed with aigrettes of blonde peacock flue.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: Chatty hats in smocked satin and tulle beekeepers veils; attitude by the metre.

Autumn/Winter: A silver screen bunny-eared pompom of silver fox.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: Bill Gaytten's first collection sans John. Perky straw boaters channel Mary Poppins chic.

Autumn/Winter: Dramatic Scotch tams for September in colour-washed pheasant feathers.


Spring/Summer (left). Autumn/Winter (right).

Spring/Summer: Glorious, heady millefeuilles of tulle, organza, and gauze.

Autumn/Winter: A trim conductor's cap of slate pony skin.

To read about the design process involved in creating a collection of fantastical hats by Stephen Jones for John Galliano, please see the 'Galliano' book (p.133), written by Colin McDowell.


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